Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dry Brushing -- try it!

Dry Skin Brushing is a body care technique that supports lymphatic health, boosts circulation, softens skin and boasts bonus benefits like smoothing the appearance of cellulite, reducing stress and supporting digestive health and kidney function. A must try, my friend!

Dry Brushing = lymphatic health and smoother skin--I'm in.

One of my hypothyroid symptoms is edema in my lower extremities. So the idea that body brushing supports lymph health piqued my interest. I started body brushing last year. But is was only after I got a new brush (so much better) that I seem to have found my rhythm with this self-care habit.

Although I found it invigorating, my first brush seemed to be a bit too harsh. Now I have one that is Goldilocks approved--just right!

These two brushes from Amazon are working really well for me: Body Brush and Face Brush.

To brush or not to brush? Appreciated this balanced review of dry-brushing from Alex over at D.I.G Primal where she traces her evolving thoughts about body brushing: "A while ago, I put dry brushing in the same unicorn-based category as oil pulling."

What benefits have you found from brushing? If you haven't yet wielded a body brush, are you tempted to test it out? If you do, let me know how it goes.

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