Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hints of Spring

A buzz within. A need to join the fervor outside.
Cheerful spring blooms
It's now light when I unlock my door after work. I'm itching to be out there. Out there where the world is waking from it's stiff winter hunch.

The birds chatter, chirp, and chase each other. Their clamor resonates with my desire for community, a place to be known and be welcomed after an absence, a place where reunions are celebrated.

I taste that joy on my walk when I spot a robin perched on a white picket fence just as a rustle in the brush exposes the white tail of a bunny scampering away (probably to eat someone's sprouting bulbs). The sight is a reminder that shared joys are often felt more keenly. The fellowship of God's creation offers that shared joy even on a walk alone.