Saturday, June 20, 2009

Parks & Pretty Pallea

To grab a bit of milage, Megan and I explored Theodore Roosvelt Island this afternoon. Hot and sweaty, we grabbed a slurpee on the way home. Love a good slurpee, especially the fruity Crystal Light versions--so refreshing!

Off for a "gastronomical adventure" with Meg and Megan, our prize: Jaleo's Paella festival...

First we warm up our appetites with some oh-so yummy chorizo and jamón. Our paella is delivered, beautifully served with edible flowers. Explaining the inspiration of the dish, our waitress noted that our paella was named for the elements earth, water, and air: the vegetables from the land, the shrimp from the sea, and the scent of the flowers for the air. Summer sangria with tart pieces of granny smith apples refreshed our pallet, a nice contrast to the nutty rice of the paella.

Full of delicious spanish cuisine, we're off to the theatre for a musical rendition of Jane Eyre. Meg's take-away from the evening, "I'm not the secret, crazy wife!"

To top off our festivities, Megan and I can't help but watch another episode of Veronica Mars.

More of my Saturdays should be this good.