Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Papa's summary of the storm

Hi everyone:

The snow from this one is finally over, the wind is howling, and blowing snow around. We had 6 inches or so with this storm. This afternoon, they brought in the heavy cavalry to plow the street, two road graders. My ploy of removing the pile in front of my yard yesterday seemed to work, because they cut the path pretty close to the curb. Erica hasn’t seen a plow up in Arlington yet.

Paula posed for this photo yesterday in the neighbor’s castle with tunnel that they made with their children.

I pasted below, text from the record breaking news for the DC area; they started keeping records in 1884.

We usually get more snow than Reagan National, so I’m sure our local total is higher.

Our love to all,

Eric and Paula

“Washington reached a seasonal snowfall record on Wednesday. As of 2 p.m., there were 54.9 inches recorded at Reagan National Airport. That's a half-inch above the previous record from the 1898-1899 season.

Washington Dulles International Airport, which already had its snowiest season before the current storm began, has gotten another 4 inches. That brings its total for the season to 67.5 inches.”

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