Thursday, August 6, 2009

Something is afoot

There were clues. First the missing petunias this morning. Then this afternoon, the wee tomatoes were scattered on the ground. I've been eagerly watching on the vine each afternoon and today they weren't there. Noo...I want vine ripened tomatoes! Started from seed, these plants were a generous garden gift from Mary.

Following the clues, I believe I have narrowed my suspects. Although rabbits frequently run around at dusk, I believe the culprits are the deer. The deer, in fact, that seem ever present in our back yard. Bambi's descendants probably found their way to the front and has a garden sampler.

Darn deer.

I've picked up the wee fruits and brought them inside. I'm just hoping that the cute little 'maters' will turn red on the kitchen window sill.

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